Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10 Version 0.14 Released

  • 6 months ago (12-03)
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Microsoft has released a new version of PowerToys for Windows 10, with both FancyZones and PowerRename getting plenty of improvements.

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10 Version 0.14 Released

First and foremost, PowerToys 0.14 refines the experience with FancyZones by polishing the behavior of certain features. For example, the app now comes with a setting to disable FancyZones for user-defined apps (and list of apps), and Microsoft says it corrected a bug causing it to steal the number keys.

There are also DPI scaling bug fixes, as well as improved app support, with Microsoft explaining that some issues in this regard still require improvements, as remote apps may still not work with FancyZones.

As far as PowerRename is concerned, the batch file renaming app included in PowerToys now allows the dialog to be resized, but Microsoft says that it needs to introduce further tweaks to the way DPI changes are handled. There are also settings to enable autocomplete and auto-suggestions, as well as to restore search and replace flags value from the previous run.

You can check out the entire changelog in the box after the jump.

PowerToys improving fast

There is no major news in this update, but PowerToys keeps evolving in Windows 10, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes one popular application on devices running Microsoft’s latest operating system.

PowerRename, for instance, brings features that come in super-handy and which have until now required third-party software. This little tool makes it possible to batch rename files using a very clean and straightforward interface, with only the essential options displayed in the main UI.

A closer look at PowerRename is available here.

The modern version of PowerToys can be installed on Windows 10, and if you are running the latest release (Windows 10 version 1909), everything should be working smoothly on your device.

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