Microsoft Releases the Last Microsoft Edge Dev 78 Build

  • 7 months ago (09-18)
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Microsoft Releases the Last Microsoft Edge Dev 78 Build

Microsoft has released a new Microsoft Edge Dev build, and this is a notable update because it’s likely the last one for version 78.

With this new update, Microsoft Edge reaches version in the Dev channel, getting three new features and plenty of other fixes (the full changelog is embedded in the box at the end of the article).

First and foremost, Microsoft has added the ability to open all items in a Collection in new tabs. As you probably noticed already if you’re part of the Microsoft Edge Insider program, the new Collections feature has become a priority for Microsoft, so the most recent updates all brought further fine-tuning for this tool.

The new Edge build also includes dark theme refinements, as this visual style is now available for the edge://components screen. This means that the dark mode now covers more of the browser, and this can only be good news ahead of the stable build of Microsoft Edge, which should launch with a fully-featured dark mode from the very beginning.

And last but not least, Microsoft Edge Dev now features a new management policy for importing settings from another browser.

“Stable Microsoft Edge”

While Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev builds are updated regularly, we still don’t know when the stable version of the browser is expected to ship.

According to evidence found in Windows 10 updates, the Chromium-based browser could replace its predecessor as the default in the operating system in the 20H1 feature update due in the spring. If this is true, then the new Microsoft Edge browser should be finalized in the first quarter of the next year, at which point it could be released as a stable version for all supported platforms.

Given it’s based on Chromium, Microsoft Edge can now be offered cross-platform, so it’s available not only on Windows, but also on macOS.

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