Windows Lite Start Menu Concept Really Looks Too Good to Be True

  • 8 months ago (09-18)
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If you’re a long-time Windows user, you probably noticed that concepts created by the skilled designers out there typically look so much better than what Microsoft actually offers in its OS.

Windows Lite Start Menu Concept Really Looks Too Good to Be True

And while there’s not much we can do other than send feedback and hope that Microsoft hears the message, brilliant concepts keep making the rounds occasionally, showing what Windows could have been with a bit more focus on the little details that users love.

The concept we have here, however, is all about a Windows version that hasn’t yet received the go-ahead.

Windows Lite, a new Windows version supposed to power Microsoft’s anti-Chrome OS effort, is expected to come with an overall simplified approach that would basically come down to a Start menu without live tiles and a more streamlined experience from one end to another.

“macOS-inspired File Explorer”

The concept created by Majid Rangraz and published on Twitter envisions this new Start menu alongside a revamped version of File Explorer, the built-in File Explorer whose appearance has barely improved over the years.

At first glance, everything just looks too good to be true, with the Start menu simply making a lot more sense with this simplified approach rather than its current cluttered look with live tiles. To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of live tiles, especially as the UWP app push has never gained traction, so this cleaner look is just what I and many other people expect in Windows.

The reimagined File Explorer, on the other hand, heavily reminds of macOS, and while I like the proposed idea, I’m pretty sure Microsoft has absolutely no intention to go in this direction.


Windows Lite doesn’t yet have a release date and Microsoft has actually remained tight-lipped on the project, but if the project advances according to the plan, we should hear more about it in the coming months.

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