Yet Another Microsoft App Reaches 1 Billion Downloads on Android

  • 7 months ago (09-10)
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Yet Another Microsoft App Reaches 1 Billion Downloads on Android

Microsoft has become one of the largest software developers in the Android ecosystem, and the company’s apps keep getting updates and improvements on a regular basis.

All the effort that the software giant puts into getting its Android apps right often pays off quite quickly, and this is what’s happening in the case of the official OneDrive client for Google’s mobile OS.

OneDrive for Android has recently surpassed the 1 billion downloads milestone, joining Microsoft Word and a bunch of other Microsoft apps in this select group of names enjoying such a terrific success on mobile.

On the other hand, it’s important to have in mind that OneDrive comes pre-installed on a number of Android phones, including models developed by Samsung. Given that Samsung is currently the top smartphone market in the entire world, such an approach certainly helped make OneDrive more successful.

“Top Android app”

However, the 1 billion download figure also concerns only the downloads made from the Google Play Store and not the ones that users do with the dedicated APK on Android, so there’s a chance that the number of installs is actually much higher.

Right now, OneDrive for Android has a rating of 4.6 points out of a maximum of 5 in the Google Play store, with nearly 1.4 million users sharing their feedback on the app.

The OneDrive app allows Android users to upload and manage files in the cloud, while also providing a bunch of extras, such as automatic tagging for photos, sharing support, PDF annotations. OneDrive comes with 5GB of free cloud storage, but extra plans are offered with a fee, should you want to move all your files in the cloud.

You can find OneDrive for Android here, and you can log in with any Microsoft account that you use on a different device.

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