Leak Reveals iPhone 11 Colors, Confirms Apple Actually Teased All of Them

  • 7 months ago (09-06)
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Leak Reveals iPhone 11 Colors, Confirms Apple Actually Teased All of Them

We’re only a few days away from the moment Apple will take the wraps off the 2019 iPhones, and new information making the rounds today aims to finally set things straight as far as the colors of the XR successor are concerned.

We’ve known for a while that Apple would launch an upgrade iPhone XR model with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, but what we didn’t know was the color lineup that the company planned to use.

As the most colorful iPhone in the entire lineup, iPhone XR was also the cheapest, and its special finishes easily set it apart from the rest of the models.

Information provided by online retailer Mobile Fun indicates that yes, the iPhone XR successor will remain a colorful smartphone and that yes, Apple actually teased all the color versions coming to this model.

“Enter iPhone 11”

Specifically, this iPhone will be offered in green, blue, yellow, red, and lavender, and a rendering of the green version is included in this article.

In case you’re wondering when Apple actually teased this color lineup, it’s the September 10 event press invite that provided us with an early look at this.

By the looks of things, however, the new iPhone XR would drop the R brand and simply be called iPhone 11. This appears to be part of a broader renaming of the entire lineup, as Apple could go for a new generation comprising the iPhone 11 (iPhone XR successor), iPhone 11 Pro (iPhone XS successor), and iPhone 11 Pro Max (iPhone XS Max successor).

The naming might seem weird at first, but it could be part of a marketing strategy that wouldn’t separate the LCD iPhone from the rest of the lineup as much as before, while at the same time signaling that all models are part of the same generation in the first place.

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