More Android 10 Bugs Found as Pixel Users Complain of Dead Sensors

  • 7 months ago (09-06)
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More Android 10 Bugs Found as Pixel Users Complain of Dead Sensors

A number of Google Pixel owners who updated their devices to Android 10 this week complain about what they describe as dead sensors, with certain features of the smartphones no longer working at all.

Specifically, users who took to various forums to detail their issues, such as the Google Issue Tracker and the Pixel Phone Help, reveal that after installing Android 10, the auto rotating, auto brightness, double-tap to wake, and lift to wake functionality appears to be broken down.

As per AA,these issues mostly impact the Google Pixel 3 XL, but other devices could be affected as well, including the original Google Pixel.

“No workaround other than downgrading to Pie”

Google is yet to comment on these bugs, but the user posts linked above pretty much speak for themselves:

“Unlocking bootloader and sideloading a new kernel will enable these features until the device reboots. Same thing happens if I flash back using the system image file without -w. But as soon as device boots again, same issues – all of these things I believe are “nano-apps” in logcat. The squeeze gesture doesn’t register at all,” one user explains.

“A couple of us are facing the exact same issue described above. Active edge, proximity, ambient light, accelerometer, flip to shh, lift to wake, double tap to wake, all do not work on any version of Android 10,” another one adds.

No workaround appears to exist for the time being, other than going back to Android Pie entirely.

At this point, the issue doesn’t seem to be related to the method used to install Android 10, and it most likely happens at OS level, with no direct connection to OTA or flashed OS images.

A factory reset doesn’t make any difference either, as per these user reports.

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