LibreOffice Developers Announce Increased Focus on PPT/PPTX File Support

  • 9 months ago (09-05)
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LibreOffice has long been considered the best alternative to Microsoft Office, and partially responsible for this is the advanced compatibility that it offers with documents created in Microsoft’s productivity suite.

LibreOffice Developers Announce Increased Focus on PPT/PPTX File Support

And because working with Microsoft Office files is something that all LibreOffice users expect to do as smoothly as possible, The Document Foundation today announced that a dedicated team of developers would be in charge specifically of improving support for PowerPoint presentation files.

In other words, LibreOffice should soon receive updates refining the way the freeware productivity solution works with PPT and PPTX files, albeit the timing obviously depends on a series of factors, including how smoothly the development process goes.

“LibreOffice’s Quality Assurance team is currently going through the collections of PPT and PPTX issues and carefully re-analysing and prioritising them. The QA team will continue to provide support in the form of patch testing and verification,” The Document Foundation announced today.

“Microsoft insisting for a subscription-based model”

Furthermore, the organization says the team has already focused on a bunch of improvements that should improve compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint files, resolving issues like the lack of audio in PPTX files and the missing underline of hyperlink in PPT files.

LibreOffice is used not only by consumers, but also by organizations worldwide that are trying to migrate from Microsoft’s productivity suite. The freeware license makes LibreOffice the perfect choice from a cost perspective, helping save money that would otherwise be spent on purchasing Microsoft’s product.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is pushing everyone at full speed towards the company’s subscription-based service called Office 365. While a standard version of Office 2019 still exists, Office 365 has become Microsoft’s key focus in the productivity software category, offering a series of benefits to customers, such as full cloud integration, continuous updates at a faster pace, and improved security.

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