Slow Down, You Big Spender: Way Cheaper iPhone Coming Next Year

  • 7 months ago (09-05)
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While the new-generation iPhones is just around the corner, with Apple expected to unveil the upgraded models on Tuesday, it looks like a fourth model could see daylight as soon as the next spring, if a recent report is anything to go by.

Slow Down, You Big Spender: Way Cheaper iPhone Coming Next Year

Nikkei writes that a second-generation iPhone SE might be announced early next year with lots of improvements over the current model.

Basically, Apple will use the same approach that it turned to when it released the first iPhone SE and upgrade this model with the latest-generation hardware, but keep the price down by not offering all the features on the premium iPhones.

For example, the 2020 iPhone SE could indeed feature the new chip that goes live on the new iPhones this month, but on the other hand, it would only boast an LCD screen and lower storage options.

“Half the price of the iPhone XR”

The device is likely to be equipped with a 4.7-inch panel, and the report adds that its design would be based on the iPhone 8, possibly with smaller bezels. This could also be a sign that this iPhone won’t come with Face ID, but with Touch ID, just like iPhone 8 does.

The most important thing about it, however, is the price point, which Apple wants to keep as low as possible.

Some people speculate it could be priced at around $399, especially as Apple aims to fight against Chinese smartphones that typically sell at lower prices. If this is true, then the new iPhone SE could sell at approximately half the price of the cheapest “premium” iPhone, which right now is the iPhone XR starting at $749 in the United States.

Needless to say, you should take all of these with a certain amount of skepticism, albeit a second-generation iPhone SE makes sense not only from a cost perspective, but also given that all premium models are getting a larger screen.

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