Windows XP 2019 Edition Concept Shows Not Everyone Likes Windows 10

  • 9 months ago (08-27)
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Microsoft is all about Windows 10 when it comes to desktop operating systems, and the company insists on pretty much every single occasion for everyone to upgrade to this OS version.

Windows XP 2019 Edition Concept Shows Not Everyone Likes Windows 10

With the support of Windows 7 coming to an end in January next year, Windows 8.1 will the only roadblock for Microsoft to go all-in on Windows 10.

And yet, Windows 10 doesn’t seem to be everyone’s cup of tea, and concepts that make the rounds every once in a while show that people out there still like old operating systems more than Microsoft’s latest offering.

“Enter Windows XP 2019 Edition”

This is the case of Windows XP 2019 Edition, a concept that imagines a mix of the super-famous Windows XP and modern features already available in Windows 10.

For example, this concept that was designed by Kamer Kaan Avdan proposes a dark theme in Windows XP, as well as a dynamic wallpaper that changes according to the time of time.

All of these are mixed with traditional Windows XP features, like the classic Start menu, which lacks live tiles and things like that (as a side note, Microsoft itself might be planning to give up on live tiles, so the return of the classic Start menu might not be off the table for now).

As for the chances to see a modern version of Windows XP getting the go-ahead, just don’t hold your breath for it because this will never happen.

Windows XP was officially abandoned in April 2014, and despite the fact that some 2 percent of the desktop computers out there are still running it, upgrading to supported Windows is the only way to go considering the risks of not receiving updates and security patches.

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